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All Salons and spas end up along with clients who never come back for some reason.

What I would like to undertake today will be give you merely one idea I used very successfully to get back a few of the lost consumers, I found I had any time I purchased a new salon to include in my salon marketing ideas chain.

I send all of them a Customized Letter, by having an offer, too good to miss, plus the follow upwards letter should they did not really respond.

The particular offer is one you might look with and feel, “Oh my personal Stars, I cannot afford that”, HOWEVER; it brings about results, and can get bums back on car seats or physiques back upon beds.

It also covers the cost of your products and electrical energy, basically you'd be giving an individual time.

Here goes:

Correspondence one – Be aware: this needs to be sent in a Tinted envelope with a hand written address and so on. This will ensure it receives opened and browse.

Dear ________________ ,

I was doing a bit of of my paperwork the other day and noticed that we haven’t noticed you for any while.

I wondered when we tried something completely wrong or one thing was not necessarily quiet for your satisfaction. When this happens, please tell me.

Please contact me personally about my email address

(Name), we benefit each and every one of our clients, so I thought I might be able to bribe a person into returning to visit us once again.

Please accept and make use of this letter to get a 60% lower price towards some of our services. Plus further discounts of 30% off your subsequent service if you rebook at the time.

This is just valid until ________________

Thanks (Name) and anticipate seeing a person soon.

Beauty salon name.

Owner’s name

P.S. You must bring this kind of letter with you to have the discount

Follow up letter has to be sent if not booked in no more than 10 nights later. Again, send in a colored envelope with handwritten deal with.

Hi ________________ ,

I sent a letter close to 10 nights ago. I have not really heard within you, so I thought maybe you did not really get that.

If not I am attaching a replicate just in case an individual didn’t receive this. (Enclose the particular letter)

Diamond ring me now (add the tel #) as well as book, and I will individually attend for your service.

I look toward seeing an individual soon.

Hair Salon name

Owner’s name

P.S. This offer you of 60% offer expires on (offer expiry time, not a long time).

So, what exactly are we seeking here – 60% discount? If an individual does not necessarily jump at which, they possess rocks in their brain. Then 30% after that when they rebook right then and there?

A “absolutely no brainer” Truthfully, I had so many come to the salon marketing after which.

All you have to do is attract them back to salon by having an offer they cannot refuse, and then give an additional discount on their second consultation, and you will have many “Regulars” once more.

Pamper these when these people arrive, and also treat these like vips, and notice where it leads.

Dropped customers coming back is such as finding any gold mine! Move mine your Gold!

At we produce other fantastic marketing ideas ALL PROVEN in a Core kit guaranteed to get every hair salon buzzing and the tills going Cha Ching!

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