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The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s '06 annual study found that among children 10 to 17 who spent time on the internet:

· 1 in 4 was exposed to photos of people having sex, even though about 1/3 of households reported using "Internet blocking software." · 1 in 5 was solicited for sex in the past year. · 1 in 17 was threatened or harassed on the net, including risks of harm to the child, friends or members of the family. · 1 in 33 was aggressively solicited by somebody they met online, meaning that the child was threatened, asked to meet, called on the telephone, or received mail or gifts.

We have entered the technological age. Parentsmay find that improvements in technology make a lot of jobs easier. Now we have vacuums that work on their own or GPS systems that ensureone dosen't get lost. The most recent devices in technology improve our way of life in a specific way. The one downfall of the technological revolution is the question most parents ask. How is a parent supposed to monitor a kid?

Children are now capable to view any kind of info on the internet.One of many scariest thoughts is that a child is able to talk to people on the net. This leaves children openfor a number of harmful situations. Parental monitoring software tools allow a parent to monitor the type of site content that their kids are viewing on the net. is a great website that gives moms and dads with details about this type of tools.

Keylogger and parental internet monitoring software tools are made to give parents power over what children view online. A parent can see who was online, what websites were visited and and/or used the most. Parental monitoring tools are one of the most effective ways to protect children while they are online. Every parent wants to protect their kids for as long as possible.

Mobile SMS spy text message parental monitoring is a second type of software tool that sends duplicate copies of ingoing and outgoing text messages.This kind of tool may be installed into any mobile phone that is currently on the market. It is a secret method to monitor the messages that children receive and send out to friends. Children seem to always be using their cellular phones to communicate constantly with friends. Stay up to date on the information that your child sends and receives.

There are several different types of parental internet monitoring software tools that a parent can choose from. We live in the near future age in which kids are put into contact with inappropriate information or people each day. Be sure that this doesn't happen by investing in monitoring tools. It seems that each week there's a newspaper article or an announcement about a child who came into contact with the wrong type of person on the internet.

Kids are an irreplaceable resource that we must work to protect. Keep your children safe while online. Learn moreinformation about parental monitoring software tools at It is a excellent online resource that explains the various kinds of monitoring equipment that parents can buy. Visit to find out more details about protecting children while online or when utilizing cellular phones.

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