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Everyone wants a dog that's perfectly trained and obeys every single command. In contrast, jack russell puppies for sale rarely demonstrate good behavior as they are so energetic and exuberant. Because of their energetic nature, Jack Russell puppies need to begin training as early as possible in order to become competent and obedient companions. Jack Russell Puppy Training Made Easy Don't worry; training your puppy is actually fairly simple. To their credit, Jacks are very smart and will pick up training rather quickly, especially if you begin at an early age. The challenge is more about when to begin and how. Traditional advice tells you to start young. Do this as early as possible, when your puppy first arrives, as you don't want any bad habits to develop and become irreversible. Set a consistent and firm tone early on, discouraging any misbehaving, and showing him who is the dominate force of the house. You are the master. A critical component of puppy training is known as socialization, a process where your Jack Russell grows accustomed to being around other dogs and people, so try to incorporate this into your dog's daily training regimen. Taking him to obedience and training classes will be ideal - not only will you get the added advantage of professional help, but you'll be teaching your pet to be around other dogs at the same time. Consistency And Positive Reinforcement It's vital that you stay consistent throughout your Jack Russell puppy training. Mixed messages, such as playing rough with him one minute and then chastising him the next, will confuse your dog and paralyse his process. Settle on what type of behavior is suitable for your living space and be firm and consistent with the rules so that there are no exceptions to confuse your dog. Positive reinforcement comes into play here. Your job is to reward good behavior and pay no mind to the bad, until your puppy learns that he will only receive reward through being good. Remember that to a dog punishment is still attention, so other than giving him a stern "no" when he misbehaves, only offer attention for proper behavior. This type of training is also effective in toilet training. When your dog successfully does his business out in the yard you should be quick to offer thanks and praise; in contrast, you should have no reaction to accidents within the house, but simply take your dog back out into the yard to remind him what the right thing to do is--this is an example of being consistent. Training Takes Patient As smart as Jack Russells are, training is a process that takes some time. While you can't rush this process, if you keep consistent and reinforce his good behavior, you'll achieve results as quickly as is possible. It's going to take a lot of time and energy, particularly when you consider that Jacks are very stubborn dogs who get bored quickly - this means that training sessions need to be brief if they're going to be effective, and always make sure to give them plenty of encouragement and praise after. So, if you're prepared to put the effort in, Jack Russell puppy training can be incredibly effective. They'll soon grasp the concept and if you spend the time with them then good behaviour will be rooted into them and will become habitual. In the end you'll have a companion that knows commands and can be as obedient as he is adorable. Doesn't that sound nice?

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