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NippleHuggers.com Why we wear it, and practical matters... Ok, this isn't really 'lingerie,' but it provides the same feelings of sexy beauty... And you *might* love them so much you wear them instead of a bra, everyday!

Never, I tell you, *never* has one product impressed me so much! And frankly, it is one of those products that makes you say "Why didn't I think of that!" or "I have been waiting for these!"

Gracie Wearing Nipple Huggers & X Rated ChainTwo words, ladies (and gents who love ladies!): Nipple Huggers.

Nipple Huggers are handmade jewlery for your breasts. The 'huggers' themselves are made from wire to make pretty 'daisy' shapes around your nipples. Simple & elegant, yet sexy & erotic. Yes, I said erotic. Nipple Huggers provide gentle sensations to your nipples, and if you wear them under a sheer blouse, you'll get the added pleasure of your nipples brushing against the fabric...

It is difficult to say who enjoys them more, the woman wearing them or those who watch them...

They are relatively easy to put on: Just unhook them, curve them a bit to fit your shape, and place them around your errect nipple ~ you then can adjust them to fit snuggly (or tight as you prefer...) and voila! Pretty, pretty!

Nipple Huggers & X Rated ChainI also love the chains they have to go with the Nipple Huggers. There are several different styles & colors. The 'Cleopatra' is a simple strand that goes directly from nipple to nipple. 'Hooker' attaches from left nipple to right nipple, but the beads are 'looped' behing your neck. I love the 'X-Rated' chain, which is the longest, allowing for an 'X' to form in your clevage...

These really are too pretty to just keep to the bedroom. You'll be out buying loads of sheer blouses, just so you can show them off! (And if you are like me, you'll quickly become interested in purchasing the Huggers & chains in many colors & styles...)

One note: Your nipples need to be errect to wear them, but trust me, that is *not* a problem!

You can find out more about Nipple Huggers, including view more photos, as well as purchase them at NippleHuggers.com. And you *will* love them!

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